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Reverse Harvesting

When industrial products reach the end of life cycle, we deliver a new life to them by reprocessing back to raw material. This harvested raw material is transformed into new products by OEMs. Our company has taken a lead role assisting both industry and non-profit organizations to develop and implement integrated solutions for dealing with their recyclable waste. By working closely with industry we promote more green policies and reduce human impact on the environment.

GBiM easily processes typical items not accepted by other recycling centers. Such items are:

Made from crude oil – No. 1 – No.7

Symbol Acronym Full name and uses
PET Polyethylene terepthalate – Fizzy drink bottles and frozen ready meal packages.
HDPE High-density polyethylene – Milk and washing-up liquid bottles.
PVC Polyvinyl chloride – Food trays, cling film, bottles for squash, mineral water and shampoo.
LDPE Low density polyethylene – Carrier bags and bin liners.
PP Polypropylene – Margarine tubs, microwave – able meal trays.
PS Polystyrene – Yoghurt pots, foam meat or fish trays, hamburger boxes and egg cartons, vending cups, plastic cutlery, protective packaging for electronic goods and toys.
Other Any other plastics that do not fall into any or the above categories. For example melamine, often used in plastic plates and cups.

Made from paper

Cardboard box & office Papers, junk mails & magazines.

Made from metals

Free drop off for electronics waste from both residential and commercial

Recycle photos

PP PS Other

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