It's time to think of Sustainability.

  • Consultation

    Take advantage of our expertise to customize your recycling. By analyzing any commercial waste, we can generate a proposal to reduce and divert the waste for reuse or recycle. Our on-site assistance will guide you to prevent pollution, minimize the waste and manage your disposal materials optimally.

  • Hauling service

    Service fee may be incurred for some of the post-consumers products.

  • Buy-back

    We purchase any recyclable products in large quantities per an ongoing basis.

  • Destruction

    This is also a significant service we provide as proprietary confidentiality to protect your Intelligence Property, products shall be destructed in our facility after the market.

  • Drop off

    Materials from homes may be dropped off free of charge by appointment only. See material list under What We Do.

  • Re-use

    Members are welcome to take some recycled items for repurposing. Please go to “Join Us”form and complete it. Thank you, we will follow up.

  • Toll Processing

    Some manufacturers and processors have specific processing needs. We can to help you with shred, grind, Bale, contamination removal, warehousing &transportation at a competitive price & high quality services.

  • Certified Destruction

    Confidential information is the essence of any business. Customers' lists, proprietory product information, technical reports, etc. could be exposed if they are not destroyed properly. This is a vulnerability we solve assuredly.

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